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ADOPTED Hello world My name is Kizzy I am super cute and

ADOPTED Hello world My name is Kizzy I am super cute and


Adopted 3.11.16! Lyra Rose is an 8 month old german shepherd/pitbull mix that weighs around 40 lbs. Lyra is good with other dogs and kids. She has …

A girl named Sue was adopted to a nice young couple and their Goldendoodle. She is now named Wremy to go with his name Wrigley.

12/9/17 - Hello from Abby! Guess what! I got adopted. I'm what they're calling a "foster failure". I heard that happens from time to time. I'm a sweet ...

Junior/Cooper - ADOPTED Feb 10, 2018 - Junior was a fitting name for Lady III's pup but he now has the more adult name of Cooper AKA "Snowflake" according ...

Someone abandoned JR at the Humane Society after it was permanently closed by chaining him to the fence there in mid July. We were there getting some old ...

9/17/17 - It's not so easy to match a family with two but an amazing couple saw Candy and Carmel's pictures, put in their application, and soon a meet was ...

9/24/17 - This handsome boy was found down by the river, hence the name Moses. He came to us with a slight limp which X-rays revealed as hip dysplasia, but ...

Jun 14, 2018 - Nine year old Yoko found herself in a shelter which is no place for a pretty old girl like her. Thankfully, a kind man was ...

Gunter/Gunner - ADOPTED Feb 20, 2018 - Gunter was hit by a car which broke his neck, was taken to the vet where they got him healed, then abandoned by his ... Animal Shelter adopt a pet; dogs, cats, puppies,

Jody - ADOPTED 9/28/17 - Pretty little Jody was so excited to meet her new parents because she knew she was going to be an "only child" and spoiled rotten!

11/6/17 - Scout (left side), the most unusually beautiful dog AGB has taken in, has been adopted to Daisy IV's family. The requirement for Daisy's "mate" ...

from @cat house on the

Zia - ADOPTED 10/1/17 - Our pretty senior girl, Zia, came to AGB in rough shape from a shelter. AGB saw that she got the medical care she needed and tried ...

9/14/17 - This wonderful couple from West Virginia applied to adopt several months ago and waited patiently for a dog. When sweet Shadow who longed for love ...

Brummey/Buddy - ADOPTED 12/26/17 - Brummey has found his spot under the Christmas tree. He was an owner turn in due to escaping the fence and was stressing ...

Show the world that your little man is your crush with this adorable Moms #MCM

I found Tori - Foster Needed on

Youve found it, the perfect onesie for your darling little one! He will make

I'm Just A Stud Muffin Lookin' For My Cupcake Bodysuit

Apr 24, 2018 - This cute little bug came in with brother Malcolm but they decided they would rather part ways than be adopted together.

My Family Is Thankful For Me White T-Shirt Front

I Can't Keep Calm, I'm Going To Be A Big Brother


Find this Pin and more on Cute!^~^ by Heather Holt.

TO BE DESTROYED ON 7/3/14 Brooklyn Center -P My name is

Kizzy Santiago

Abby crystal plz adopt she likes Severus shape !

I adopted 5,6,9,10

Kizzy 28 loves to cook and play with her daughters lily & Emma

10/5/17 - Little red Rover has been adopted to a local family with two adorable children who love playing in their large backyard with him. The parents say ...

Rex - Irish Wolfhound - PENDING ADOPTION | Big Dogs Huge Paws, Inc

Name to adopt

One of my favorite things to do, spend time at home with my family.

All of them are up for adoption and besides number 7 I adopted her

Sasha/Tilly - ADOPTED Feb 1, 2018 -What a great family picture! Sasha is now Tilly (what a cute name) and fits in fine with her new family.

I found Kaiser on

Deaf mermaid on Little Mermaid tv show


Please adopt a pony or share one.

AS BEEN ADOPTED from PRIDE RESCUE MASON 8 weeks Male Maine Coon Mix An adorable and

Adopt Topper on

Flower Pony Adoptable (OPEN) by YukiAdoptablesPonies on DeviantArt. She has the prettiest pony adopts.

Find this Pin and more on Cute!^~^ by Heather Holt.

wolf adoptablz im keeping 4 and 7 enjoy

For adoption 9 is adopted 10 adopted 7 adopted 4 adopted 6 adopted

This is Techno she is my mlp oc and I hope you guys like her and

Nana is my BFF onesie i love Nana outfit grandmas by PaisleyBows

Before we adopted our second cat (rescue from foster home), I'm so glad we got to see him with his mom. He looks exactly like his ...

I'm The Reason My Mommy Drinks T-Shirt by shaelaraedesigns on Etsy

My recently adopted stray, Bones

Enlarge. Adopted!

Meet Raven, a kitten for adoption.

Name to adopt

I adopted 3,4

and I adopted 4 and 7 are mine but all the rest are for adoption

Enlarge. Adopted!

DESIGN · The Little Things

HAS BEEN ADOPTED from PRIDE RESCUE all her siblings have been adopted

Kizzy - If you would like to adopt, please go to http://

Adopt kizmet/ kizzy on

"Don't believe the bull, adopt a pit" shirts!

ibizan-853_Page_26 ibizan-853_Page_27. The Podenco Hound

The Boy and the Spy, tells the story of Antonio who lives in Italy during World War 2. Antonio lives with his adopted mother and ...

10/30/16-HOUSTON- ABOUT BLANCO Hello everyone! My name is

Happy Friday, ARF Fans! It's Christmas in July! Starting Friday, July 20th

Enlarge. Adopted!

Norwegian Forest cat, Noorse Boskat Kizzy van Annakat

Name: Harper age: 3 Description: hello. I'm Harper. I'm I love my big sisters Riley and Kayla. If I'm adopted, their coming with! I love marine life.

Enlarge. Adopted!

Animal Shelter adopt a pet;

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leo from hello baby mblaq

for winning my giveaway that I did to giveback to the art community that has supported my new art tutorial blog at .

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After Paul left, the band was directed by Bob Bennett, a local trombonist, teacher and arranger, who worked full time for the Musicians' Union, ...

Hair Tutorial - Introduction by Packwood

TO BE DESTROYED 7/3/14 Brooklyn Center -P My name is TAZ

(Age: 15 - Adult) Recommended for readers who enjoy time slip stories. When Jesse Marley discovers that she is adopted she is determined to go to the United ...

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Enlarge. Adopted!

Page 1. The Canyon Weekly

Adopt Patches on

Enlarge. Adopted!

Enlarge. Adopted!

Kizzy is 15

Animal Shelter adopt a pet;

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Available for adoption in #Montreal ~ Snowpaws is a young female recently rescued from outdoors, but is clearly not feral.

Internet meme 'Lil Bub' fronts PETA campaign

Here we have rounded up Cute Hairdos and Haircuts for Short Hair, check our gallery below and adopt one of these gorgeous short haircuts to achieve the loo

Love: Uncivilized picks up with Zach and Moira eight years later. They are married with children, living the dream and their happily ever after. Look I am ...

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