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Hillary Ignores Istanbul Terror Massacre During Town Hall She

Hillary Ignores Istanbul Terror Massacre During Town Hall She


Thousands attend the funeral of 19-year old Lian Zaher Nasser in her hometown of

Groups like ISIS - who have yet to formally claim responsibility for yesterday's bombings but are

A member of the NYPD's counterterrorism unit stands guard near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, July 4, 2016. Greg Kahn

Local residents were evacuated from their homes during the raid in St.-Denis.

His senior counselor, Kellyanne Conway, had accused the press last week of ignoring a

A handout picture provided by the office of Iran's Supreme Leader on April 30, 2018

Hillary Clinton at the Friends of Syria conference in Istanbul in April. (photo credit

Hillary Tells Largest Police Department She Does Not Want Their Damn Endorsement - YouTube

Istanbul airport bombing kills Turkey's tourism industry | Daily Mail Online

How Hillary Clinton Ignores Peace

Turkish police have carried out raids against suspected ISIS cells across the country in the wake

She has every reason to unload in Hillary.

Nabil's wife was among those injured in the shooting as she and her husband desperately sought


Hillary Clinton Loves Islam

The latest attack in London – the third to hit Britain within seventy-five days – is once again provoking a debate about the relationship between Islam and ...

At least 36 dead, 147 injured in terror attack at Istanbul airport

So ...

French police officers near the closed Galeries Lafayette department store in central Paris on Saturday,

Michael Mahdesian

Paramedics and special forces officers at the scene help the more than 140 wounded at the

This picture obtained from the Ilhas News Agency shows an ambulance and emergency workers intervening next

Lian Zaher Nasser of Tira, killed in a shooting attack at an Istanbul nightclub on

In an interview with Good Morning America , he revealed that he hid in a store

People lay flowers, candles and messages at a makeshift memorial in Nice on July 16

You'd have thought the two of them would have figured out that Islam is a political system, not a religion, and that 96% of all Islamic doctrine subjugates ...

Image result for images of september 11, 2012 benghazi attack

One-armed Chechen warlord Akhmed Chataev (pictured) has been named as the mastermind

At least 42 innocent people lost their lives in the attack, including Mahmoud Çizmecioğlu and

Hillary Clinton Works With Three Major Islamic Terror Leaders Who Want To Kill Christians - The Washington Standard

She then physically embraced Kosovo President and Mafia chieftain Hacim Thaci – who has since been credibly accused by the Council of Europe of stealing ...

A Turkish police officer sets up a security perimeter outside the Ataturk airport in Istanbul,

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : How Obama and Hillary Clinton Weaponized the 'Dossier'

I'm sure if the heroes had sent money to the Clinton Foundation, they might be alive today

How a Muslim Brotherhood plant named Huma Abedin may become Secretary of State next year

Paris terror suspects: (Clockwise from top left) Salah Abdeslam, Bilal Hadfi,

Salman Abedi, a 22-year-old Briton of Libyan descent, had detonated a homemade bomb filled with ball bearings and nails, which act as shrapnel, ...

Democratic presidential hopeful and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a roundtable discussion with

Forensic police work the site at Ataturk airport on June 28, 2016 in Istanbul after

Appearing on the scene in January 2012, the U.S. designated the group a “ terrorist organization” on 11 December, and indications are that Turkey's AKP ...

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

When we think about terrorism we most often think about the horrors of a Manchester-like attack, where a radicalized suicide bomber went into a concert hall ...


“We came, we saw, he died,” exclaimed an ebullient Hillary Clinton, as she exulted over the horrific death of Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi, ...

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton listens as Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

Would You hire a 70 year old(male, so it's okay that he's who has skimped on people's checks, not paid federal taxes for years, has no experience in ...

Antoine Leiris, directly addressed the terror gang who gunned down his wife Hélène Muyal-


On June 13, 2015, Hillary took the stage in New York City and said


Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke at the Council on Foreign Relations on Thursday in New York.

In this Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016 photo provided by Universal Music France,

Hillary Clinton says she's 'ready to come out of the woods'

Hillary Clinton says she supports GMOs. Clinton -- who served as Monsanto's legal counsel

Véronique Geoffroy de Bourgies, surrounded by children in Madagascar. She and her husband adopted

Jewish Leaders Denounce Terrorist Play at NYU Read More on Page 8 October 20, 2017 | 30 Tishrei 5778

Rushed job? The arrest of Salah Abdeslam may have prompted the Brussels bombers to act

olivia campbell - confirm victim of the terror attack in manchester

How the Trump Organization's Foreign Business Ties Could Upend U.S. National Security

When Your Child Is a Psychopath

An irony of the escalating hysteria about the Trump camp's contacts with Russians is that one presidential campaign in 2016 did exploit political dirt that ...

aipac hillary

He noted, “Instead of being cross jurisdictional, the Republicans simply crossed them off their list.” The former Secretary of State was the sole target.

Yeah, right, Hillary knows about love and kindness (eye roll).

Orlando Terrorist Supported Hillary Clinton to Stop Donald Trump

India Cuts Deal With American Jihadi Involved in Mumbai Massacre

President Obama pauses during a break in taping of a CNN town hall meeting Sept.

When you're in the public image there is no secret you can keep, and we all know Hillary has tried to live a double life. Who does she think she is, God?

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, here speaking at an event in Los Angeles on June

Valerie Jarrett is an Iranian Muslim. She also has five secret service agents, and I wonder why. In 1977, while at Stanford University, she stated, ...

Whites were being sold as slaves in Cairo as late as the 1880s. No, I don't think I have anything to apologize for. ~Bob

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks at the podium at Boardwalk Hall Arena on July

Hillary Clinton at the Dar al-Hekma college for women during a "town hall

Hillary Clinton's emails prove the US State Dept and White House knew Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding Islamic State

An entrance of the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul after explosions, Tuesday, June 28,

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at a senior staff meeting in Washington. Credit Jessica Dimmock/VII, for The New York Times

Protesters hold up a new newspaper by the former team of Zaman called "Yarina Bakis

BERLIN, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 17: German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends debates after she addressed

... hillary-putin-lavrov paul 5 ...

But in the past year there were so many other attacks: Paris, Brussels, Nice, Berlin, Hamburg, Normandy, Istanbul. Hundreds of dead. A few thousand injured.


Donald Trump clobbered Hillary Clinton as 'trigger-happy and unstable' on Wednesday as

huma and hillary2

... and seems to be making a determined effort to listen to his opponent when she talks. How long will this last? Surely he can't keep it up for 90 minutes.

NYT Mag Debuts New Video Series, “Behind The Cover”

The Americans still consider al-Nusra a terrorist organization, and they know that sooner or later they will have to fight al-Nusra too.

Bashar taught the Western Democracies a lesson in 2016, and the House of Assad lived to fight again.

People wearing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump masks at the Halloween Parade on October 31,


Donald Trump listens this morning during a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago. (Jim WatsonAFP/Getty Images)


Hillary Outlined Murdered Ambassador's Stevens Movements In The Emails She Erased.

An aerial view of the airport shows where the suicide bombers are believed to have detonated