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Silverfeather and Darkstorm by RiverSpirit456deviantartcom on

Silverfeather and Darkstorm by RiverSpirit456deviantartcom on


Silverfeather and Darkstorm by RiverSpirit456 ...

Love Me Not... by on @DeviantArt

Grumpystar! by on @DeviantArt

Couldn't Be Here by RiverSpirit456 on DeviantArt

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Leafpool and Crowfeather by on @DeviantArt


Silverstream's Death by on @DeviantArt

Finally by RiverSpirit456 Finally by RiverSpirit456

They're half brothers because both of their dads is Jake.

Last Wish by on @DeviantArt // Left to right

These wolves are brother and sister, left to right ~ grey wolf , Boulder he is a kind wolf with a big heart - she brown wolf , Birch she is a ...

193 Best Riverspirit Images On Pinterest Warrior Cats · silverfeather and darkstorm ...

Scarlet River: Pg 3 by on @DeviantArt

Great Owl by on @DeviantArt

Just Watch! by on @DeviantArt // Left to

On a Cliff at Dusk by on @DeviantArt

Ferretclaw: multi-colored she-cat with one blue eye and one green eye

Hi I'm Oakwind I am a warrior of thunderclan. I am a female

Oh lala !

Snowy Night by on DeviantArt

Blackstar's History

SummerSage- once a kitty pet but is now a rouge. She is strong minded and has no love interests. Can be a bit harsh with words but is a very skilled hunter.

This is a commission from ShadowThiefBakura Characters: Afekia (tan swirly tom, red cape), Mew (light grey tabby she-cat), Aria (calico she-cat), and Ko.

Play Together by on @DeviantArt // Order and names

The Affair by on @DeviantArt

Raven by on @DeviantArt

Moon pelt is the second greatest swimmer,hunter,runner, and jumper apprentice is ashmist in moonClan

Unbreakable by on @DeviantArt

Silverfeather and Darkstorm by on @DeviantArt | Warrior Cats | Pinterest | Warrior cats and Cat

The Twins by on @DeviantArt // I don'

Commission | Traveller by OwlCoat

This is a commission from BlaznFirea Character is unnamed at the moment. No speedpaint.

Warrior stickers number 3 by Riverspirit456

Cloudtail by on @DeviantArt

Long After You're Gone by on @DeviantArt

Cold Water by on @DeviantArt

Squirrelflight and Bramblestar

Turned. by on @DeviantArt (Hawkfrost and Mothwing)

This was a commission from XxTheShatteredxX Character is Spiritstar (ginger/black stripped she-cat). A bit of Story: A fire erupted in Spiritstar's ...

StrikeHeart loves BlueFlower but she is from TreeClan and he is from SorrelClan he is nice cute funny and can be mischievous

Little Comic: SR by RiverSpirit456

Son of the fire dragoness Tearlock. He is a friendly cheerful cat, and has a secret crush on Valkyrie

Taking Over by on @DeviantArt

Tuna by on @DeviantArt

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CinderPelt- Female- strong, wise, CinderPelts soul still remained in StarClan, with the many memories it came with.- no mate or kits, she had a Crush on ...

Brave,strong,nice and smart. His mate is Leafbreeze. Cheerfull and good in battle. He is in cloud clan.

Warrior Stickers by RiverSpirit456

Warrior Cats, Le Clan, Warriors

Rubystone by on @DeviantArt

Scarlet River: Pg 6 by on @DeviantArt

Griffe de Ronce/Étoile de Ronce (BrambleClaw/BrambleStar)

Scarlet River: Pg 11 by on @DeviantArt

Special Feeling by on @DeviantArt

High quality Warrior Cats inspired T-Shirts, Posters, Mugs and more by independent artists and designers from around the world.


Really though, some of these cats are really nice when trying to make an alliances list for a fanfic.

Warriors Stickers - Yellowfang Sticker

Soul Demon by on DeviantArt

If Clawhauser got hit with the serum.

With the Sun Setting... by on @DeviantArt

Sunfur- Male- Warrior- Brave, loyal, cautious, a little shy- no mate or kits, crush on ShimmerPelt

Warrior Cats Art

Always by RiverSpirit456 ...

Cat Drawing Tutorial, Drawing Tutorials, Art Tutorials, Warrior Cats, Art Tips, Manga Art, Drawing Reference, Warriors, Workouts

I Never Left... by on @deviantART

Warriors Stickers - Spottedleaf Sticker

Silverstream and Graystripe they were 1 on my favorite couples! WHY SILVERSTREAM, WHY DID

DA Muro Experiment by on @DeviantArt // Riverpaw

[Collab] Jayfeather by Vialir on DeviantArt

She's in Stormclan and her mate is Colefoot. She has 2 kits: Duskkit and Silverkit. She has 1 brother and 1 sister: Hayheart(brother:dead) and ...

OC Reference: Lightstar by on @DeviantArt

Snow Friends by on @DeviantArt

Brightflower. A pretty, loyal thunderclan she cat. Her mate is flintclaw. She

I hate bramble claw at first I kind of liked him but he treats squirrelflight like

Tom with no mate or kits.) 16 moons old. He is strong, defensive, caring and a born leader. He loves catching birds. He is humorous and cunning.

Warriors by Romashik-arts on DeviantArt

A scene from Scarlet River. Ava tries hard not to cry. Characters are Ava (brown she-cat, foreground), and Riverpaw (brown silver-striped she-cat) SR Page: ...

This is a commission from HolIieWood Characters: Crescentfall (brown tabby tom) and Honeytail (ginger tabby she-cat) Under the blood moon, Crescentfall .

WhiteCoat queen mate died in a battle has six kits loves to play and is…

Honeyfern saving Briarkit from an Adder

Feuille de Lys (IvyPool)

Whitestorm's Death by on @DeviantArt

Resultado de imagen para spirit heart warrior cats

Feuille de Lune (LeafPool)

Patches Of Daisy in the Field} Daisy} Unborn kit} Died in Whispers stomach on thunder path} She-Cat} Parents: Whisper and Stone} Smaller kit like her ...

Ashfur Character Sheet by on @DeviantArt

Forget him... by on @DeviantArt

This is a commission from Lusaas

Feathertail Warrior cats

Beauty and the Beast anyone?

Ashfur Run Cycle by on @DeviantArt // Ashfur

over the cliff.

So, he hadn't spoke to

by clockbirds

Scarlet River: Pg 1 by on @DeviantArt